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PG Home Appliance services available in lockdown

guarantees free repair service in its products such as oven, tv repair, led lighting, LCD light, washing machine, fan, SENCOR, guests, sunlight, during the warranty period through its Authorized Centers. Each PG 
 has a different set of warranty conditions, so please refer to the details below.

This point will help you

1.In companies: we visit your company to work for your Product at your convenience
2.Carry-In: Customers bring their product to our service center

3.Without warranty - After the expiry of the standard Product Warranty period, all services are charged by the customer.
4.Customer Neglect - In the event that a product is unaffected by a customer making compound weeds, the conversion is not done by a PG-approved service center.
  1. -In the event that the product is flawless due to the customer making the change itself and not the PG-approved service center.
  2. In the event that a customer requests a service due to an external environment such as an internet service error, antenna, wireless signal, and so on.
  3. -In the event that the product is flawless due to customer negligence without prior confirmation such as circuit breaker fault, socket, excessive tap, and weak power supply, accidental plug, etc.
Service costs are incurred at the cost of parts and repair costs as below.
Means the price of the part / s used to repair the product. The partial fee will be notified by the developer prior to repair
Repair costs:
The repair fee means the amount paid by the engineer according to the repair rate.
6.Travel expenses:
Travel costs apply when the product is taken to a workshop for preparation
In the event that Gas is charged to AC / refrigerator the cost of travel is used for domestic services, the customer does not wish to perform repair work. he refuses
Site inspection charges:
These charges apply if there is a customer's desire for a site test to install an air conditioner
These charges can be reversed if the AC installation is performed by the same service center.

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